Coastal Crunch is the brain child of me, Tim, a locally trained chef from Western Australia.  My mission is to create 'healthy eats for a healthy planet.'


Here's a photo of me in the Boatshed in Cottesloe spruiking the range of Coastal Crunch granola:



Coastal Crunch came about from a love of yummy and healthy food and a passion for the outdoors.  As well as making wholesome food products, I'm committed to being as sustainable as possible.  Please check out the 'Coastal Crunch Environmental Charter'!

My range of granola is packaged in 'Earth Bags', which are made of recycled paper and lined with a corn based bio film.  Once you rip off and recycle the tin-tie, they are compostable.  I also make a range of 'Crunch Cups' which are packaged in biopak cups.  Biopak cups are also made of plants and are known as a 'bioplastic', so they're compostable as well.  I still need to put a label on them, so make sure to rip that off before you dispose of your cup.  

I prioritise buying ingredients from as close to home as possible. My products feature Western Australian grown lupins, a legume that is high in protein (40%) and fibre (37%). Of course sometimes I have to look away from home for ingredients that may not be available all year round or if I dont want to compromise on taste!

You can find my products stocked all around Perth or if you want it delivered to your door, just hit up the shop page!